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Welcome to Prime Time Volleyball Club!

Prime Time Volleyball Club strives to develop athletes' personal and team accomplishments on and off the volleyball court. We have a number of opportunities available for area volleyball players. 

  • The High School Program (15-18 year old girls) begins in November and continues through March or June depending on team.
  • The Junior High/Youth Program (8-14 year old girls or boys) begins in March and runs through May or June. 
  • The Prime Time/Champaign Park District Program offers a variety of different experiences in the fall and early winter for athletes in grades 2nd-8th.
  • Summer camp opportunities offered through Parkland College Volleyball (7-18 year old girls or boys)


12/12/19:  The scrimmage schedule for Jan 4, 2020 is below:

10:00am - reffing clinic / parent meeting for 14B/O, 15B/O/W/G, 16W/G
11:00am - individual team meetings
11:30am - 14B v. 15O (16W) - 14O v. 15G (16G)
12:30pm - 16W v. 15B (14B) - 16G v. 15W (14O)
1:30pm - 14B v. 15B (15O) - 15G v. 16G (15W)
2:30pm - 15O v. 16W (15B) - 14O v. 15W (15G)

3:00pm - reffing clinic / parent meeting for 16B/O and 17/18s teams
4:00pm - individual team meetings
4:30pm - 16B v. 16O (18B) - 17/18O v. 18O (17/18B)
5:30pm - 18B v. 17/18B (16B) - 16O v. 17/18O (18O)
6:30pm - 18B v. 18O (16O) - 16B v. 17/18B (17/18O)